Q. R. S.
Quick Responce Service
Center Twp Vol Fire Department
has started responding to Emergency Medical Calls.
This service will be provided to assist Medic Rescue Ambulance Service with Emergency E1 calls and whenever requested by the Ambulance Service to help them   in the Township. We currently have 11 members on the Q.R.S. Team and will respond to calls when toned out by the 911 Center. Several other members of the Fire Department are planning on taking the next EMT Class next month. Currently we have two units fully equipped to respond to any Emergency but we will not do any patient transporting, that will be the duty of the incoming ambulance service.
Any Resident of Center Twp wishing to join the Fire Department and being on the Q.R.S. Team
Please contact any of the three stations and they will be glad to help you get started.